Our group came together from an afternoon soiree held on October 4th 1998, for the debut of the 'Gene' fashion doll here in Australia. Those attending wanted to do it again, and what was initially a once off gathering, has grown into a fun group with members Australia wide and internationally.

Our Melbourne based events share a love of dolls and a sense of humour with our displays, featuring all vintage and modern fashion dolls; Barbie, Tonner, Daisy & Willow, Franklin Mint, Sindy, Tammy, Dawn, Blythe, Bratz, and Monster High, as well as Celebrity dolls, BJD's and Action figures.

We have resident doll artists who share their various skills and knowledge; from creating and customising dolls to doll fashions and accessories. We encourage doll play and our annual Doll Fashion Awards, includes a 'Redressed' category to inspire and highlight how much fun it can be and something everyone can participate in.

From the novice to the enthusiast, we can all enjoy, inspire and learn from each other. The displays at our meetings, and on a much larger scale, our Halloween, Fashion & Celebrity Doll Extravaganza, demonstrate what can be achieved, when individual collectors come together to share their knowledge and collections.

"EDUCATE, INTRIGUE & AMUSE" is our group's motto, especially the latter, for without the fun factor, there is no reason for being!